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Travelling has become an integral part of life, especially for most working professionals going on international business trips around the year. Whether you travel often or it is your first time traveling to another country, one crucial piece of document, that you need to have before starting your journey is a Visa. If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia for business, here are some tips to make your visa application experience more convenient.

1. Be an early bird!

While traveling, we always try to plan everything to stay ahead of time, so why not with a visa? When traveling, we always search and book flights and hotels in advance to stay out of the hassle of not finding a hotel or flight ticket at the last minute, so why be slothful when it comes to your visa? Most countries take time to accept your visa applications, so make sure that you apply for it a bit earlier than your schedule.

2. Check the embassy website for the visa processing timeline!

The processing time for Saudi Business visa is usually very efficient but can fluctuate based on peak seasons and the many national holidays the embassy remains closed for, so make sure you check the processing time on their website. Keeping a check on the visa processing timeline will provide information regarding Visa application in advance and will help you to apply for it on time. Always remember, during peak times, the visa processing can take a bit longer, so make sure that you apply for a visa earlier to avoid any delays in your business trip. Saudi Visas is able to offer you 3 services of Premium 1-2 day service all the way through to the standard 6-7 days service. So even if you have been naughty and left it to the last minute – we can still help you.

Check the embassy website for the visa processing timeline!

3. Contact a reliable Visa Expert!

Saudi Embassy is one of the few embassies that does not allow applicants to apply themselves. You must apply through an authorized agent such as ourselves or any other registered agency. It is vital that you only use registered agents as there are many scam companies that act as middle men or just do not provide you an actual service. At Saudivisas, we help you with every step of the visa application process; from providing all the visa information to offering a range of additional services, we make sure to make the visa application process much more convenient and smoother. Whether you require assistance or need help to understand the process, we are here to help you out. 

4. Stay updated about your Visa status!

Our service keeps you fully updated via email and SMS every step of the process. You will receive an notifications upon order, correct documentation being received, application being submitted, application being approved and a final dispatch notification with your package tracking number. We only use secure delivery mail that requires a signature. We can also offer same day delivery via courier or bike if required.

5. Keep your documents ready that you will require!

There are only 4 items that are required for a Saudi Business Visa. They are:

  1. Your actual physical passport
  2. A passport size photograph
  3. Your UK company letter
  4. The invitation letter you will have received from your hosts in Saudi Arabia.

Our experts are always on hand to translate the invitations you receive as they are usually in Arabic.

We have templates ready for you to use for the content and matter that needs to be mentioned in your UK company support letter. All vital aspects of the visa application process.

6. Check your passports’ eligibility

The Saudi embassy like many other embassies requires your passport to be meet certain criteria prior to being eligible for a visa. The first rule is that your passport must be valid for atleast 6 months beyond your stay. This means that your passport expiry must be beyond 6 months from the date that your return back to your home country.

The second rule is that your passport should have atleast 2 blank pages facing each other. This rule may seem strange but many embassies use this rule so that your entry stamp is placed opposite the page that your visa label is endorsed on.

Whether you are traveling for the first time or not, consulting an expert will help you get complete knowledge about documents required in the process, and also about the different steps included in the process. Want to go on a business trip to Saudi Arabia – count on us for a smooth and convenient visa application process!

SaudiVisas.com is a fully registered agency with the Royal embassy of Saudi Arabia in London under the trading name of 121 Visa Services Ltd.

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