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Everything You Need for the Umrah Regulations for 2021

Umrah is currently not possible for those residing in the United Kingdom. Countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and a few others have been given permission to start entering Saudi Arabia for the purpose of pilgrimage but we do not foresee United Kingdom being allowed to enter till at least Feb/March 2021 and that too based on the current Pandemic situation.

We have tried to answer many of the common questions being posed regarding Umrah and hope this helps to identify the current rules regarding Umrah pilgrimage.

Umrah Regulations for 2021

I live in the UK, can I perform Umrah?

No – Umrah and Tourist visas are currently restricted from entering Saudi Arabia.

What are the age restrictions once Umrah opens?

Only travelers between the ages of 18 and 49 will be allowed to travel.

Can I travel alone as I have done in the past or just me and my family?

No. You must now travel with a group and have a fully booked package.

What is the minimum size of the group?

The group must consist of a minimum of 50 people.

Will we all be quarantined upon arrival?

Yes – a 3 day mandatory quarantine would be required for every group that arrives in to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is a PCR test required? 

Yes – you must hold a negative PCR test for Saudi Arabia taken up to 72 hours before arrival.

What is the maximum I can stay in KSA once Umrah does open?

At the moment we are advised that you will only be able to stay a maximum of 10 days. This includes your 3 day isolation.

What precautions are the authorities taking regarding transport?

A maximum of 25 hujjaj would be allowed on a 50 seater bus.

Can my family all stay in 1 room or suite

No – a maximum of 2 people to a room has been advised.

Will I be able to visit the holy mosques at my own convenience?

No – your group will be given a time slot of when you can perform tawaf. Daily prayers can be read without the need for registration (subject to change).

Do you recommend going for Umrah?

As a sharia responsibility, obviously there are great rewards for performing the minor pilgrimage but as a company providing a service, we do not currenly recommend you to make plans as the current restrictions are very stringent. It would not make much sense to go and then not be able to perform your ibadah to your hearts’ content. This is a personal view of the writer and not in conjuction with any islamic ruling.

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