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When will Umrah reopen?

The question on every believers lips is When will Umrah re-open so that we can all visit the blessed house of Allah (swt) and the holy Messenger (SAWS) once again.

Needless to say that the current situation has not only restricted us from travel but mainly we have lost the blessing of visiting the house of Allah (swt) We are inundated with emails and 80% of them ask “When will Umrah start or reopen?”

Well we are aware that there are many countries travelling to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage already but most developed countries such as UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and most of Asia are still restricted due to their corona numbers.

We spoke to most recently of an entire group travelling from Iraq and can confirm the trip was successful and without issues.

Having close contact with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah we have been advised that the Umrah issue is under constant review but the possibility of Hujjaj from UK is unlikely for this Islamic year.

With Ramadhan around the corner (starting 12/13th April 2021), it is unlikely that Umrah will be allowed until after Hajj 2021
The approximate dates for the 2021 Hajj are 17 to 22 July. British citizens wishing to perform Umrah or Hajj should follow announcements on FCDO official social media channels @ukinsaudiarabia and guidance from local authorities.

We intend on keeping the momineen and mominaat updated and are confident that good news will be forthcoming very soon.
Until then… watch this space.

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